Thursday, 13 December 2012

We have been a bit lazy keeping this up to date.
Alorella  and Berezka have been to a show as kittens both managing 3 Finals showing they are just as special as we always believed they were.
Alorella after her first show.
Berezka after the same show.
We will up date a bit faster after our next shows we promise.
The last of Stars kittens is off to his new slaves in January having had his Anti rabies so we are just waiting for his passport to arrive then he will be off to Switzerland after Christmas. He should enjoy playing hide and seek in the snow. 

Alorella (Left) and Balki hard to realise that Balki is 5 weeks younger.
(The black marks  on their head will disappear by the time they are 18 months old. )

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  1. Hi Sue! Do you remember meeting us at the show in Swanley earlier this year? We have Berezka's brother and sister (Boris and Balochka - now Koshka). We are absolutely thrilled to hear of her success and hope to see her with you at shows next year. Many congratulations and Happy Christmas from us, Sean & Debbie x