Friday, 21 August 2015

Sayadaws Saladin Son Ver Sevastian Show News.

What can we say? Saladin went to the "We all stand together" show on Sunday 9th August 2015 in Maidstone.
Even though Saladin was wearing his summer coat, he did amazingly well.
Being awarded 8 finals from 8 rings. Thank you to the judges who gave him the finales.  He was also,
                                        "The Best Cat in Show"

                                                             We are so proud.
                           On to the next show and more T.I.C.A. Fun.

Sayadaws Cowletts

Sayadaws Saladin and Spirit of New Heaven's Whillow's 3 Siberian girl are now 9 weeks old. They have been to the vets for their first inoculations.
Great News the vet survived.
Now running around downstairs with the rest of the family. Great fun.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Camaro Felis Felicis is retiring

Our lovely brown tabby Siberian boy is looking to retire. He is 3 years  old and will be neutered. He is looking for a forever home with no other pets. He would like to be spoilt and pampered. Contact us for details.

Saladin's Show news.

We went to the Bristol Tica show 27th and 28th June. The show  was hosted by Fantastica All Breed cat Club. Lovely show and was well run by the show committee. Saladin had a great time at the show and was awarded 5 Finals.

Onward to another show

Saladin and Whillow's cowletts

Saladin and Whillow's cowletts are now 3 weeks old and growing really well.  Buttercup and Molly we have decided to keep 2 under observation.






Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Whillow and Saladin's new kittens are here.

On Saturday June 20th . Started at midnight and finally at 8am 4 kittens had arrived. We call them our cowletts , Saladin's father Sevastian was a solid white Siberian, Saladin carries the white. Hence 3 of the kittens are high whites (this means a lot of white)




and finally  Molly.

Well done to both Mum and Dad. Lovely kittens.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Show News for Sayadaws Saladin

We went to Milton Keynes to a T.I.C.A show ran by the VanTica club. Wonderful show with so much fun and it was lovely to see so many wonderful cats.
As you know Saladin became a Triple Grand Champion at the last show.
He is now a Quadruple Grand Champion. Well done lovely boy. The end of the month we will be at Bristol for another show and we shall see how we go. (keep you up dated)