Friday, 29 May 2015

Petra and Camaro's 7 Kittens

Petra and Camaro's 7  kittens now 7 weeks old. Doing very well  and now eating raw turkey mince. Growing very nicely. 6 boys and 1 girl.

Pawsha and Fernando's Kittens

Pawsha and Fernando's kittens are doing great ,They are eating raw turkey thigh mince and grain free biscuit. They are now 9 weeks old and are going for their first visit to the vets on Monday for their check up and first inoculations.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Show News.

We are very proud to announce that our lovely home bred Siberian boy Saladin has had his title made official and he is now a Triple Grand Champion. Well done. We are so proud of him.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Show news.

When our Siberian boy Saladin was born with his 2 brothers, we had to decide which one of them to keep as we decided to retire Sevastian and the boy would have to take over from his dad. Saladin is on the left.

We feel we did make the right choice with this boy and he has the best temperament just like his dad and mum Star. As he grew we did begin to wonder if we had kept the right one, he was tall and thin . He had got large boning but was an ugly duckling. Hence we never showed him as a kitten.
Then as if by magic he started to fill out and grow into the handsome boy he is, still very lovable and such a sweetie with everyone.
His first show he was so overwhelmed by it all he just wanted to hide. The second show he was a bit better but he did get a final which made him a champion.
This is when we decided he would have to go the show school. We had a paste table and we put together a small stand to go on the table and so the schooling began.
This went on every day and he got very good and showing himself off.
He then went to his third show and all though he was good his coat wasn't as good as it could have been. He still managed 1 final.
We decided to take him to his forth show which was the last show of the year. We didn't expect to much from this show as we knew there would be a lot of cats from all over Europe trying to gain more wins and points at the end of the TICA show season. There were International and world winners, Plus a large number of supreme champions. All we were hoping  for was the experience for him. He was very laid back and wasn't so bothered about the noise.
The show over two days and had eight rings on each day, starting on the Saturday. He received 6 best of breeds on the Saturday with 3 finals. We were over the moon and really amazed. On Sunday he managed 5 best of breeds and another 3 finals.
Wow we were blown away. 6 finals and now he has gone from a Champion to a Double Grand Champion in one show.

 On to the next show. We will keep you posted. 

New Start..

OK we have been a bit lax on doing the blog. Here we go catching up on all the news we have.

Sevastian our lovely white Siberian boy has been retired and living with the lovely Mary.
Berezka has also been retired and living the high life with Magdalana in London.

Leaving us with the girls. Star (black silver shaded tabby), Pawsha (brown tabby and Star's daughter), Petra (black/silver torbie tabby) , Whillow (brown classic tabby with white) and finally Missy (brown mackerel tabby with white and Whillow's daughter). To see their pictures take a brows on the website.

The boys are Camaro (brown classic tabby) Fernando ( blue/silver spotted tabby)  and finally Saladin(black/silver shaded tabby with white and son of Star and Sevastian)

So what has been happening?
Well firstly Pawsha became pregnant with the lovely Fernando. It was his first litter so we only had an idea what colours we could get.  She put on weight and was eating very well and so continued and slowly grew larger and larger until she couldn't fit threw the cat flap. On Saturday 28th March she went into labour 3.30am in the morning. Yes 3.30 am. by 9.30am she had given birth to 7 kittens leaving us in shock , we cleaned her bed and got her comfy and went downstairs to get a coffee. On out return she had given birth to one more, Making 8 in total. We were hoping no more would surprise us, Thankfully she was happy with the 8 (6 boys and 2 girls) and has been a wonderful mum and fed them all herself. They are now 5 weeks old and looking great and have their forever slaves waiting for them.

3 weeks after Pawsha gave birth, Petra went into labour, she was pregnant from Camaro, who she had been to the year before. She had 7 kittens last year (4 girls and 3 boys) 11.30pm on the 18th April she went into labour and by 5.30am she had 7 kittens (6 boys and 1 girl) all doing very well and good weights. They are now 3 weeks old. Petra being a torbie carries red which means we can get red boys. The girl is a brown tabby torbie .

Whillow has been courting with Saladin and is pregnant. She is due on the 15th June . We are taking bets as to if it will be an early morning or late evening birth.