Thursday, 9 July 2015

Camaro Felis Felicis is retiring

Our lovely brown tabby Siberian boy is looking to retire. He is 3 years  old and will be neutered. He is looking for a forever home with no other pets. He would like to be spoilt and pampered. Contact us for details.

Saladin's Show news.

We went to the Bristol Tica show 27th and 28th June. The show  was hosted by Fantastica All Breed cat Club. Lovely show and was well run by the show committee. Saladin had a great time at the show and was awarded 5 Finals.

Onward to another show

Saladin and Whillow's cowletts

Saladin and Whillow's cowletts are now 3 weeks old and growing really well.  Buttercup and Molly we have decided to keep 2 under observation.